Delhi 6

A beautiful Doctor Couple ‘Garima’ & ‘Kartik’ gave us a chance to document their pre wedding shoot and bravely strolled around the narrow and busy lanes of Old Delhi, holding each others hand. They broke the dull and boring image of Doctors.
‘ deWeddingBells’ & ‘Alankrita S’ presenting you a beautiful TALE of LOVE.
What we learn during the shoot that if you brave enough to plan then you can execute any impossible thing. So, a lot can happen somewhere in Delhi 6.
DOP: Subinoy Das [ deweddingbells ]
Camera and Edit: Niteesh saini
Concept: & Alankrita Studios.
Production: Alankrita Studios
Location: Old Delhi, India.
Equipment: Canon 5d M3, 24-105 mm, 16-35 2.8 , Helios 55mm
Music Courtesy: “Delhi 6” / A.R. Rahman

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