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|| Confluence || from deweddingbells on Vimeo.

Love, the very essence of life, makes us do things beyond our understanding.
We present to you, ’Confluence’ – Two beautiful souls – Lidia & Joseph never understood how love made two different worlds merge into one. They just listened to their hearts and spoke the language of love..Documenting this beautiful journey of love was a great experience. Last October, Lidia (Polish by birth) & Joseph (Indian by birth), based out of UK, approached us to document their wedding planned at Kochi (India). Their journey with each other, spanning over a period of ~ 7 years (since 2009), was interesting enough to draw our attention.As we took more bites into their relationship, we got inspired by their sheer respect and love for each other and we said YES!
Joseph’s way of exploring the simple with a passion unlike anyone Lidia has ever known made her heart skip a beat. As a shy and simple girl with dreams untold, she wished for a Bollywood love-story for herself. And YES! it came true. Since the very first time Joseph talked to her, he has been her hero and has never left her side.
Lidia, emotional and caring, made Joseph understand himself better. And he could only see life with his beloved Lidia – a life of togetherness filled with love, a life where he can laugh,cry and just be himself.
Love in it’s little ways doesn’t change you but changes the world you know.
Rising temperatures, super-high levels of humidity (Kochi, April’2016), insufficient sleep and last-minute surprises were no match for our sky-high spirits and the love showered upon us by their friends and family. With a yearning to create memories that Lidia & Joseph can always connect with, we ventured into their event and we are glad that we could achieve something very special.
Lidia, Joseph and families & friends – We cannot thank you enough for making us feel at home and we hope this motion picture will remain an integral part of your life for many more years to come 🙂

Technical Aspect:
Canon 5D III, handheld
Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere
© | 2016. All rights reserved.

A RollerCoaster

CreativeProduction: De Wedding Bells & De Wedding Vows
Delhi, 2105
Special Thanks to
Bhushan Bagadia, Claude Loren

The story of two

Teaser ” The story of Two”
Location: Hyderabad, India
Cinematography: Idiotic Motion Picture
DOP: Subinoy Das
Editor: Akhil Gupta

Delhi 6

A beautiful Doctor Couple ‘Garima’ & ‘Kartik’ gave us a chance to document their pre wedding shoot and bravely strolled around the narrow and busy lanes of Old Delhi, holding each others hand. They broke the dull and boring image of Doctors.
‘ deWeddingBells’ & ‘Alankrita S’ presenting you a beautiful TALE of LOVE.
What we learn during the shoot that if you brave enough to plan then you can execute any impossible thing. So, a lot can happen somewhere in Delhi 6.
DOP: Subinoy Das [ deweddingbells ]
Camera and Edit: Niteesh saini
Concept: & Alankrita Studios.
Production: Alankrita Studios
Location: Old Delhi, India.
Equipment: Canon 5d M3, 24-105 mm, 16-35 2.8 , Helios 55mm
Music Courtesy: “Delhi 6” / A.R. Rahman

Just a Story

JUST A STORY is a love story of Jay & Gargi, here we presented a beautiful wedding teaser executed by #teamdwb and alankrita studios. Hope everybody loves it. 😉 Please share our work if you like.